Dulce de Leche Mini Cheesecakes

Well, hello! This post is WAY overdue. I tried my best to share this recipe with you all last week before my trip to Chicago, but I just could not pull it together before then. Speaking of Chicago, picture-heavy posts will be coming soon later this month. I cannot wait to tell you all about it. But first, let's talk about these cheesecakes!

Do you SEE those sharp edges? I thought achieving sharp edges with buttercream was rewarding. That was until I baked up these babies and experienced an entirely different sense of accomplishment!

Not only did they have perfect edges, but they also had absolutely no cracks, didn't fall, and were unbelievably smooth and creamy on the inside. I made these for a bridal shower and truthfully, didn't get a chance to taste one until after the event. To my joy, they were a big hit! And when I was finally able to taste one, I could see why!

I'm definitely glad my client asked for a dulce de leche inspired treat, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten to know the delicious goodness that are these cheesecakes. You've got to try these immediately!


Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

So by now, I'm sure you all have figured out that I am obsessed with chocolate. I really do try to make a variety of desserts but somehow, someway, I always end up involving chocolate. I've recently been loving chocolate a lot because I'm on this healthy baking spree, and chocolate has a way of masking the taste of any healthy ingredients I'm using. It did it in these brownies, it did it in these blondies, and now it's doing it in these muffins.

These muffins use 3 whole bananas and I couldn't taste a single one of them. I couldn't even taste the coconut oil and that stuff is strong! The only thing I could taste was a rich, delicious, fudgy, chocolatey muffin. How bout them apples?

You only need one bowl for these and you don't even need to bring out the electric mixer. A simple whisk will do and they're ready in less than 30 minutes. Easy, breezy, beautiful...vegan muffins.


Paleo Chocolate Chip Blondies

My quest to healthify every non-healthy dessert that I love has been so fun, guys. Actually, let me rephrase that. My quest of eating healthified desserts has been so fun, guys. I've had amazing luck with every recipe I've tried and today's case is no different.

Today's recipe comes from Rachel's blog, and if you guys don't already know who Rachel is, get to know her! She is "Bakerita", and she cranks out some pretty mouthwatering desserts, some of which are paleo! The second I saw these chocolate chip blondies on her site, I knew I had to try them.

This was my first time using coconut sugar, and I have to say, I love it! I can't wait to start using it in other desserts. Though the next dessert I'll probably be using it in is these blondies because the pan dissappeared way quicker than anticipated! These chewy, chocolatey squares of goodness were too good to be true y'all. Everyone in my family could not stop raving about them, even my parents who don't like chocolate!


Strawberry Lemonade Macarons #OXOSpringCleaning

Plot twist: I, the non-lover of lemon, loved these tartlets from last week so much that it inspired me to make another lemon dessert. Totally unexpected of me, right?

But the fact that the dessert I chose to make is macarons? Well, you had to have seen that coming.

It seems I can't go more than a few weeks without making these notorious little ego-crushers. Yup, these are the most depressing dessert to make and will almost always put your baking ego in check. The good news is, they are also a very bipolar dessert, in that you can have good and bad macarons from the same batch you make. I'm talking, from the same tray in the same oven! That's what happened with these.

Some of them chose to grow feet, some gave absolutely zero you-know-whats about growing anything. Most of them were the latter, but thankfully, I had enough good ones to share with you guys today.

But before we talk about them, I want to share with you some super cool products OXO sent me to help out with my spring cleaning. First off, I'm totally obsessed with these all-purpose clips. I can't tell you how many bags of chips, flours, nuts, etc, I have lying around just waiting for someone to make the wrong move and BOOM, spill. These clips are so secure and they even have a magnet on the back for you to hang on the fridge!

Secondly, how adorable is the little compost bin? I won't be using it for composting, but rather, as a mini little garbage disposal around the kitchen. So many times I have dragged my big old garbage can to the sink or wherever I'm working to dump out vegetable peels, strawberry hulls, egg shells, etc. Not anymore. Now, I can just carry this handy little thing to my work station, no muss no fuss.


Lemon Cream Tartlets

Happy Wednesday y'all! We're taking a break from paleo desserts and using some good old fashioned butter and sugar today. The occasion? Easter! Since it's only a few weeks away, I figured I'd give you guys some dessert inspiration. I've done carrot cake on here before, as well as coconut cake, so this time around, I went in a different flavor direction- lemon!

Before I go any further, let me just address the elephant in the room and say yes, I did in fact overbake these tartlets. First time making tartlets + non-traditional crust recipe does that to you. But the good news is, they still tasted fantastic so if this happens to you, no worries! But I did test the recipe again so I could get down the correct baking time, so hopefully it won't happen to you :)

Now, about that non-traditional crust recipe. It's non-traditional in the sense that it's actually a sugar cookie recipe. And it's paired with this velvety smooth lemon cream filling that is to die for. This is coming from someone who doesn't even like lemon-flavored things. I couldn't stop eating these!