No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Pie

The season of no-bake desserts is coming to an end pretty soon, but before it does, I've got one more recipe for you guys that is going to blow your mind. It was inspired by these peanut butter pretzel bites I made last year that went viral. A flavor combo that popular needed to be recreated!

So how do you transform a no-bake chocolate covered peanut butter pretzel cookie into a no bake pie? Well first, you make a delicious pretzel crust and only sweeten it slightly because you really want the saltiness to shine through. Then you whip up a luscious peanut butter filling, using only four basic ingredients. And lastly, you make the most velvety chocolate whipped cream and spread that all on top. And voila!


Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Zucchini has definitely been the vegetable of choice this month. There's literally been nothing but zucchini breads, cakes, muffins, brownies, etc on my newsfeed for weeks now. I guess you guys can't get enough of it, so I figured I'd add one more recipe to your repertoire. And of course, it involves chocolate.

Chocolate and zucchini, if you don't already know, are the perfect pairing. I discovered this last year when I made these double chocolate zucchini brownies. Holy yum. Those two are made for each other.

So, naturally, I had to recreate this flavor combo as a breakfast option. Because let's face it, we all want desserts for breakfast. And now we can have them, in a healthy, gluten-free muffin!

That's right, these muffins are made entirely with almond flour and they've got ZERO refined sugar. I also used olive oil as the fat agent, and threw in some unsweetened almond milk for moisture. I admit, I was a little nervous whipping these up because I don't usually bake gluten-free, and I know that sometimes substitutions can go terribly wrong due to imperfect ratios. But I gave it a shot, and I'm so happy with the results!


Classic Peach Cobbler

It's my brother's favorite time of the year everyone, it's peach season! He waits 9 long months for this season to come around so that he can nag me 24/7 about making him his all-time favorite dessert, even more favorite than box mix brownies: peach cobbler.

Who am I kidding though? He requests peach cobbler all year round, but the only difference is, I don't really have a good reason to say no in the summertime. Now, I know I already have a peach cobbler recipe on the blog but he's kind of MEH about it. It's good, but it doesn't reach his peach cobbler standards. I guess he thinks he's some kind of cobbler conniseur.

Well, cobbler conniseur met his match after tasting this cobbler. Let's just say, the cobbler did not see the light of day. It was everything he had wanted it to be and he made that very clear by not leaving much for anybody else. I think my brown butter did the trick ;)


Four-Ingredient No Churn Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

So, you know that whole two-ingredient ice cream train that everybody's been getting on lately? Well, I FINALLY hopped on. And it's pretty blasphemous that it took me this long.

It is now the only thing that I want to make for the rest of my life. And not just because it's crazy easy and crazy delicious, but because the varieties are literally endless.

I chose cookies and cream as the flavor for my first test batch because that is my brother's favorite ice cream and I love to torture him when he's making a clear effort to eat healthier. My plan backfired though because he had the willpower to only eat a scoop or two while I had ...more than I wish to disclose.

But it's all for the sake of quality control, right?


Peanut Butter Cup Crack Brownies

Remember these super awesome Nutella crack brownies from way back in 2011? Definitely one of the top ten best things I've ever made, and so ridiculously easy too. People are shocked when they ask me for the recipe and it's only 4 ingredients. Still gets me every time too.

So anyway, you know how when something isn't broke, you're NOT supposed to fix it? Welllll, I don't exactly live life by the rules. I took the Nutella crack brownies and I "fixed" them. And by fix, I mean I gave them a makeover. And transformed them into peanut butter cup crack brownies- a delicious alternative to the non-lovers of Nutella. And yes, those kind of people do exist.