Zucchini Noodles with Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Pesto

I did it. I jumped on the zucchini noodle bandwagon...but that's not even the greatest part about this post. The greatest part is this crazy amazing spiralizer I used to jump onto the bandwagon!

Check it out y'all, it's a handheld spiralizer. And it's so easy to use. It's got a non-slip grip AND a handle for you to hold down and turn your vegetables with. My brother isn't using it in this picture because he's macho man, but you'll definitely want to use it when you get to the end of your vegetable because it keeps your hands safe. The handle also doubles as a cap for safe storage!

Basically, I want to spiralize everything now. Starting with POTATOES! I want ALL THE CURLY FRIES. Because, you know, they're my reward for having a nutritious zucchini noodle dinner. It's all about balancing out your diet.

But seriously, zucchini noodles. They're not so bad. I prefer mine extra wilted since I'm not too big of a fan of the raw crunch, but other than that, they definitely satisfied the pasta craving! ESPECIALLY, since I topped them with this amazingly delicious sun-dried tomato pesto. Oh, this is the stuff my pasta dreams are made of.


Paleo Chocolate Pudding Popsicles

Remember when I complained that taking pictures of ice cream was hard? Well, ice cream is a breeze compared to popsicles, y'all. I was not ready for this.

But even though my big dreams of taking perfect popsicle pictures were shattered, I didn't let that stop me from sharing these with you today. Because quite frankly, these popsicles NEEDED to be shared. They are too good to be true. And I'll tell you why.

They are basically fudgesicles, like the ones you all probably had growing up during the summertime. Except, they don't have any high fructose corn syrup. There's no bad ingredients in them at all. In fact, these fudgesicles only require four healthy ingredients: avocados, cocoa powder, coconut milk, and honey.

And I know what you're thinking, but don't worry, the avocados and coconut milk are literally not tasteable. (Not sure if tasteable is a word, but we're going to go with it) The only thing these popsicles taste like are rich, creamy, frozen fudge. And prior to being frozen, they taste like rich, creamy, chocolate pudding. I know this because these almost didn't make it to popsicle form. True story.


Funfetti Birthday Cake Blondies

Guess what everybody?! I just turned 25 like five minutes ago. Yup, it's 12:05 am on July 22 as I write this and I feel older already! Actually, to be honest, I felt older yesterday. I kept getting these random aches and pains in various body parts throughout the day; I truly felt like my body was breaking down. Have I mentioned that I've been trying to lose ten pounds for the past year and a half? Older people metabolism is no fun.

BUT STILL, I choose to make butter and sugar laden desserts like these funfetti birthday cake blondies! Damn you my sweet tooth, damn you.

I had a completely different recipe planned for this week, one that I'm really excited to share actually, but then I realized it's my birthday week! And last year, Nora of A Clean Bake celebrated my birth with these awesome grain-free birthday cake muffins, so it inspired me to celebrate this year with funfetti as well!

These blondies are the real deal y'all. Soft, buttery, chewy, with a little crunch from the sprinkles. Everyone who tasted them instantly fell in love, which did me the favor of not having to devour them all. I can feel the pounds melting away already.


Mango White Chocolate Macarons

I'm back with another mac! But first, I have some apologizing to do. My posts have been so scattered y'all. I went from posting twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, to posting once a week on Monday, to posting once a week whenever I get the chance. There's just been so much stuff going on in my life lately and I haven't been able to handle my time as well as I hoped. But, I plan to get myself back to my regular routine sooner rather than later, so don't you worry!

Now, let's talk macs! The cookies I hate to love and love to hate. I originally wanted to make these pistachio flavored because of Eid coming up (Arabs love pistachios!), but I was too intimidated to grind my own pistachios and too short on time to order pistachio flour. Then, I remembered that I had bookmarked these mango macarons from Joanne's blog a while ago and one look back at her pictures had me sold.

The filling looked and sounded so dreamy, I just couldn't resist. Plus, my dad loves mangoes and has been eating one every single day for the past month so I knew he would appreciate these! I thought about adding freeze dried mangoes to the shell as an extra oomph, but the bag I bought just did not smell right. So, that idea (and the bag) went out the window. I followed the filling recipe to a T, and though I had my concerns about white chocolate ganache since it's a bit trickier than regular chocolate ganache, it turned out amazing. I literally sat there and ate the extra filling with a spoon.


No-Churn Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream

God bless the person who discovered no-churn ice cream. Because of them, I am riding high on the popularity chart with my nephews. Just today, one of them called me "professional ice cream maker". That's not a title that you can hand off to just anybody. That takes serious love and commitment. And it's all because of this no-churn ice cream I've been cranking out.

It's so easy, it just makes you want to make it over and over again. My nephews have even taken to requesting their own flavors from me. Some of them are just into plain vanilla, others like a little something extra. Cookies and cream is a flavor none of them can resist.

A week or so ago, I shared this peach cobbler ice cream which was of course, as amazing as it sounds. So amazing, I decided to continue on with the trend of favorite summer desserts, and I created this strawberry shortcake ice cream, complete with fresh strawberries and delicious bits of pound cake.