Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Marshmallow Frosting

T-minus 24 hours until Turkey Day y'all! But I for one, will not be waiting that long to devour these cupcakes.

In fact, I am eating one as I write this post and I'll probably eat another one right after I'm done.

Hey, sweet potatoes are a vegetable. And egg whites are a good source of protein, so this is technically health food.

Alright alright, don't quote me on that. But seriously guys, these cupcakes are amazeballs. They are so incredibly fluffy, yet so moist at the same time, and I swear, they almost melt in your mouth when you bite into them. Their frosting is none other than a classic marshmallow frosting, only using brown sugar instead of granulated to create a caramelized flavor.


Sweet Potato Pie Macarons

Thanksgiving is just a week away which means at this moment, intense pie planning is going down. So I hope you won't mind if I interfere and suggest maybe not making a pie at all? Maybe instead, make a pie inspired treat? Like these macarons? That'll definitely set your dessert table apart from everybody else's this year.

I know you're probably thinking, macarons? Really? Out of all the desserts I choose to suggest on a probably already stressful baking schedule, I choose the most notoriously finicky one. What can I say, these suckers are worth it in the long run.

And let me tell you, the run was very long with these sweet potato pie macarons. I had to try three darn times to get them right. It was like I hadn't made batches upon batches of successful macarons before. The good news is, I now have a new favorite recipe AND I feel like I have finally truly mastered the macaron.

Previous macarons I made sort of fit the bill, but the shells never turned out as crisp as I wanted. I believe this was due to me not beating the egg whites enough, but who knows. Macarons are a mystery. If you try to look up why something went wrong with your macaron, you'll get a list of reasons. There's no one reason because nobody ever really knows!


Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Snack Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze

You know how they say some things are like riding a bike? You just never forget how to do them? Well, let me just say that photography is NOT one of those things. Or at least it isn't for me. After two weeks of being out of the game, I felt like a total newbie photographing this post. So much so, that I had to stop, take a breather, and come back a day later. There is the possibility that I just need to get used to upgrading from a simple point and shoot camera to a complex DSLR. But either way, it's depressing.

In better news, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter® recently reformulated their recipe to one that uses natural, non-GMO sourced ingedients and has 40% less calories and 70% less saturated fats than butter. Jackpot! I love me some butter so a spread that has a delicious buttery taste but doesn't have any artificial preservatives or ingredients I don't recognize is a winner in my book.

Furthermore, a spread that makes a delicious snack cake such as this one is most definitely a keeper. Did I mention that you don't have to wait for it to soften like you do regular butter? Seriously, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

It gave me a moist and fluffy apple cinnamon snack cake AND it gave me an outrageously good brown sugar glaze. And yes, I did in fact eat the glaze with a spoon and I have no regrets. Did you know that plant based oils are a good source of omega-3 ALA and they happen to be one of the primary ingredients in this spread? Well, now you know and you could feel good about eating this glaze with a spoon too!


Phish Food Brownies

Hey y'all! I'm back...briefly. You see, I am the most indecisive person you will ever know and so it took me forever to figure out what kind of DSLR camera I wanted to get, what lens, body only or not, which memory card, how many, etc etc. This has left me camera-less for the past two weeks and thus I have been unable to bake/photograph anything for you guys. Luckily, I have great blogger friends like Natalie from Life Made Simple who will be covering for me today, until I get myself together...hopefully, by this weekend! Take it away Natalie!

I’m so happy to be here today! I've been dying to share these brownies for weeks! My husband is a huge fan of brownies so naturally I'm always making new variations. My latest version is pretty darn decadent. It's a version of one of my favorite Ben & Jerry's ice creams- Phish Food. Yep. These brownies are loaded with homemade marshmallow fluff, gooey salted caramel and chunks of chocolate. They're delicious.

I don't know what possessed me to make these brownies, but I'm so glad I did! Since the topping was more involved I decided to just whip up a box of brownies, usually I'd make my copycat version but I was in a bit of a time crunch.


Paleo Pumpkin Pie

This pie goes out to all my non-flour, non-sugar, non-dairy, non-butter eating friends out there.

And to all my friends who would like to enjoy a guilt-free dessert after a hefty Thanksgiving dinner.

And to all my friends who love them some pumpkin pie.

This one's for you, guys.

Get the recipe HERE!