Homemade Cosmic Brownies #OXOGoodCookies

I had a feeling I was going to regret baking these brownies and I was right. Holy deliciousness. And my poor thighs. What did I get myself into?

As a tween, I basically lived off these brownies. The days I got to walk to the corner store and snag me one or two of these bad boys were the happiest days of my life. Yes, my life revolved around desserts from a young age. And yes, these brownies were within walking distance of me. The joys of living in Brooklyn :)

Nowadays, I'm not so keen on buying packaged desserts. So, when I saw this recipe on Life Made Simple's blog, I nearly fell off my chair. It was too good to be true. When you taste these, you'll understand. You simply cannot stop at just one.

I am dedicating this recipe to OXO's annual Good Cookie campaign in support of Cookies For Kids Cancer. Cookies For Kids Cancer is a charity organization that raises awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research by encouraging everyone to bake a difference.

As part of the campaign, OXO pledges to donate $100 to Cookies for Kids Cancer for every blog post dedicated to this campaign. In addition, they will donate 25 cents for each of their specially marked baking products that are sold. I was lucky enough to receive some of their brand new baking products, two of which I used to create these amazing brownies. You can purchase these two products, here, and here.

Happy baking everybody!


Pumpkin Spice Latte Macarons

I'm sitting here trying to think of what to say to start this post but all I can really think of is how badly I need coffee right now. It is currently 15 minutes to midnight and I am baking up a storm for multiple orders this weekend. Fall is typically a slow occasion season, but every now and then you get hit with a weekend where everyone and their mother decides to have a party. #bakerproblems #overbooked #teamnosleep

But since we're on the topic of coffee, let's talk these pumpkin spice latte macarons. (See what I did there?)

I like these macarons, a latte. (See what I did there, again?)

I think my lack of sleep is making me delirious and actually not as funny as I think I am right now. But really, we need to discuss these macarons. They are my newest favorite macaron, and yes I say that about every macaron I make. Honestly though, these are amazing. And definitely the best way to say goodbye to pumpkin recipes for the rest of this year.

I guess you could say I saved the best for last.

Pumpkin spice lattes are pretty much artifical wherever you go, but you can find comfort in the fact that these macarons have REAL pumpkin in them and none of that high fructose corn syrup stuff. I actually even consider macarons healthy because of the amount of egg whites they have in them. And aren't almonds like a superfood? Don't quote me on that. But definitely quote me on saying that these are the best macarons you will ever taste this Fall.

Stay tuned for my next favorite flavor...


Small Batch Pumpkin Butter Cinnamon Rolls

Alright everyone, so on a scale of one to ten, how done are we with pumpkin recipes for this year? Semi-done? Want more? Completely over it?

I'd say I'm at an 8 right now, definitely well on the way to pumpkin-ing myself out. I've got one more pumpkin recipe scheduled for later this week and then I'm calling an end to the pumpkin madness!

But let's keep the enthusiasm up for just a little longer because I've got a great recipe for you today! It's literally the greatest recipe for small batch cinnamon rolls, crafted by the amazing Christina of Dessert For Two. I just amped it up with pumpkin butter and a delicious Cinnabon-esque cream cheese frosting!

I know I say I can't even a lot but I LITERALLY cannot even with how easy this dough was to put together and how phenomenal these rolls were. It's ridiculous.

Come to think of it, it's actually a little dangerous to own a cinnamon roll recipe that's this simple. I completely see myself substituting these for an actual meal. Oh dear Lord.


White Chocolate Pumpkin Cream Pie #Choctoberfest

It's Friday PieDay everybody!

Okay, I just made that up....although every Friday should definitely be pie day. My family would love that. They are all about pie, cream pies in particular. So, you know they just about died when they heard I was making one for the blog!

That's how we refer to things in our house; for the blog or not for the blog. That lets them know whether or not they're allowed to dig in. It's a good system.

Anyway! This particular cream pie features pumpkin and of course, white chocolate since this week I'm celebrating #Choctoberfest. Today will be my final recipe but the celebration will go on until Sunday and so will the giveaway, so make sure you go enter before then!

Now back to the perfection that is this pie. It's got a flaky, crispy pie crust, a white chocolate cheesecake layer, a spiced pumpkin pudding layer, and finally a fresh whipped cream layer topped with delicious Lindt CLASSIC RECIPE white chocolate curls.

Luscious, decadent, and everything you are imagining it to be. So RUN, don't walk to the kitchen, and make this ASAP!


Chocolate Pumpkin Brulee Cheesecake Bars #Choctoberfest

Happy 4th day of Choctoberfest everybody! Have you been keeping up with all the amazing recipes? More importantly, have you entered the giveaway? Go go go! You still have a few days left to get those entries in.

Today, I have for you a show-stopper, jaw-dropper, one of a kind cheesecake. It's Fall inspired, because even though this week is all about the chocolate, we still have to pay homage to the pumpkin.

And since pumpkin and cream cheese go together so well already, I just made them into a cheesecake. Then, I sandwiched that cheesecake between a layer of chocolate ganache and a layer of crunchy melted sugar. Hoooolyyyy.