What I Ate In Puerto Rico

Hello hello! It has been TOO long, guys. Too darn long. The last time we spoke, I was unpacking. Well, I'm done unpacking and I recently actually went on my honeymoon!...which means more packing and unpacking went down, but I'm basically a pro at that stuff now!

As you probably guessed from the post title, I honeymooned in Puerto Rico! The hubs and I stayed in the beautiful Condado Vanderbilt Hotel which I HIGHLY, highly recommend! Our location was great because the street the hotel was on (Avenida Ashford) had a ton of restaurants and stores. Also, Old San Juan, which is also a prime area for restaurants, was a short taxi ride away. Yes, as a food blogger, I had to make sure I was going to have plenty of food options!

Unfortunately, I didn't make sure my DSLR was always on me so some of these are less than stellar phone pictures! So, I'll try to make my descriptions as vivid as possible :P


Greek Vegetable Pizza

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to be a guest blogger for Meriem as she unpacks and organizes. My name is Lauren Kelly and my blog is Lauren Kelly Nutrition. I am a nutritionist, healthy recipe blogger and cookbook author. I love sharing healthy recipes and I hope you like this Greek Vegetable Pizza (straight from my cookbook, The Greek Yogurt Cookbook!)

This pizza can be a simple appetizer or easy enough to make as a lunch or dinner. I love Greek yogurt for it’s protein and its versatility. This is so simple, yet so tasty.

You can easily add cooked, diced chicken if you’d like, or experiment with your favorite vegetables and cheeses. Chopped mint is an excellent garnish, and melds well with the Greek flavors of this dish.

Please come and visit me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! Have a great day!


Chocolate Walnut Twist Bread

Well hello there everyone! It feels so good to be back! Though I am not REALLY back yet, just popping in to say hello, I'm alive and well! I'm officially a married woman and living in the Midwest now! It's definitely going to take some time adjusting, not to mention unpacking. So, I have a few friends guest posting for me in the meantime. Take it away Nancy!

Hi everyone, I’m Nancy from gotta get baked and I’ve been a very bad blogger. I haven’t baked or posted anything in what feels like forever. So what’s brought me out of my self-imposed solitary? When a friend needs help, I spring into action!

The lovely Meriem is caught up in a whirlwind of activities right now and she asked if I could guest post while she’s getting married and moving. Phew! I mean, only one of those activities would be crazy stressful but two at the same time! Meriem, you’re super woman.

I wanted to make something rich, decadent and beautiful but also comforting and easy to make. I wracked my brain for a loooooong time before I decided on this chocolate walnut twist bread.


Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie

And just like that, Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner! How is it almost the end of May already? I feel like May just started. Before I know it, I'm going to be packing up my bags and saying goodbye to New Jersey!

But before that day comes, I have been enjoying some quality time with my family and doing what I do best-- making them all their favorite desserts! With Memorial Day coming up, I figured I would make something both them and you guys would love! PIE!

I can't even remember when is the last time I made a pie. Probably around the time that I started watching my diet and making healthier desserts. Now a days, you'll find me drinking peanut butter banana protein shakes--which by the way, are equally as delicious...kind of.

Nothing can really beat a cold, creamy pie made with the best Oreo crust ever. Golden Oreos are where it's at y'all. Stop using regular Oreos. I added a pinch of salt to the crushed Oreos as well and it seriously took things to the next level for me.

I was so excited to make the pie that I didn't crush my Oreos as finely as they needed to be crushed, but honestly, since when has a pie not tasted good because it didn't look good? Even deconstructed, this was totally a party in my mouth.


Paleo Chocolate Caramel Brownie Cups

Y'all! Where do I even begin with these chocolate caramel brownie cups? I mean, their name alone just makes your taste buds start jumping up and down in excitement. Am I right or am I right?

I've had this recipe bookmarked for ages and I JUST stumbled upon it again--- it was hiding in my iPad's favorites! I remember thinking that I needed to buy coconut flour to make it, which is funny, because now that I have bought coconut flour, it's been in my pantry for months and I'm just like, what do I do with it?

Well, I'll be using it to make these cups over and over again. These babies are a little bit time consuming since there's three layers to them. But one bite, and you'll forget any labor involved. They are just heavenly, and super consoling to this stressed out bridezilla.